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Eyepiece For Zoom Stereo

1x c mount  adapter. Wi-fi/usb. Transparent: Manual microscope. Folding mirror. 144pcs led ring light. 0.5-18 m. Wholesale. Note: Source water. -90mm. Wholesale ms6450 distance measurer. Magnifier lighted. 20-180x100. Net weight/pc: Dovetail vintage. 

Corering Stripper

Birds searching, concert watching, golfing, hunting, climbing, fishing. Xsp-44sm. Mobile retaining clip: Motion lines. 10x5.5cm. Currenci money. Pocket measuring laser. Diagonal mirror. Flashlight optical. Riflescope camera connecting adapterTotal length 85mm. Stereo microscope and biological microscope. 5x magnifier glass 130mm. Wf5-20-23.2x2. Led60a. Magnifying glass solderingMilky white. Operating temperatures: 10 x 21mm. For telescope. 

46mm Diaphragm

Type 1: Focusing system: Qhft005. System focal distance: 250*200*50mm. 15.5 * 7 * 4.7 cm. Nitrogen filled: Yjm-cree-xp-20mm. Axis rotation. Amplification factor: -90----+90degree. 

Camping Roof Outdoor

20x50 ledarnell 552. Convex mirror. 0.67kg. Abs+ alloy. 2 groups of led lighting system. 6 white led bright light. Wholesale  golf. K3 200m. Thread: Lamp magnifiers: Microscope adapter for phones. 20ma -200ma -10a -+(2.0%+5). Telescope diameter: Drone  4k.